Mom wanted a son… Dad wanted a daughter.

They had one kid… And got both!

A serious romantic comedy.

Imagine knowing what its like to be the opposite sex even for one day.

Imagine knowing someone who does.

Well, meet Joe and Josephine. He’s all guy. And she’s all girl. Together they’re one and loving it.

You’re likely never to see them in the same room at the same time. But no ones caught on yet, although it could happen soon.

In fact, Joe tries awfully hard to remain male throughout high school. But when all attempts to win bombshell Julie – the princess on campus – fail, Joe’s left no other choice.

He becomes desperate and deep in the darkness of his room, or locker or a bush, a captivating transformation takes place.

A rugged, striking Joe inch by inch develops into a softer, more round and voluptuous Josephine.

Now as Josephine, she can befriend Julie, distract Julie’s brutish boyfriend, clear the way for a passionate affair with her “twin” Joe, and learn that perhaps there’s a bit of male and female in all of us.

It’s not fair, but who said teenage love ever was?



It’s your dream: to become the opposite sex, just for one day. Here’s a teenage boy who does just that. Every day, whenever he wants. And no one knows – except his parents, and they engineered it.

The “Twins” begins with a brilliant moonlit scene of young JOSEPHINE and a guy attempting to make out in a car. She resists, and he begins to physically pressure her. Suddenly he realizes he’s losing the fight – Josephine overpowers him. He bolts from the car with a panic-stricken look on his face.

Flash to parents and their son JOE, who looks strikingly like the girl making out in the car, in a station wagon with a U-Haul trailing behind. The father’s dialogue implies they’ve been run out of town before but there’s no bitterness in his voice. It’s the price they’ve had to pay for their selfishness. Father wanted a daughter and mother wanted a son. So through their genius wizardry with potions and bio-engineering, they had one offspring and got both sexes.

And their son Joe, a good-looking boy with a mischievous disposition is about to enroll in his umpteenth new high school. On the first day of classes, he sets his sights on a knock-out blonde cheerleader who is very popular and very “taken”. As Joe and his newly found friend FRED plot the courting of JULIE, trouble begins.

Julie’s football hero boyfriend DOUG jealously plots the destruction of this new hunk-about-town. But this is no ordinary Joe faced with an-ordinary crush.

The tantalizing theme throws rope-fulls of twists to the awkward boy-meets-girl saga. And what new boy in town wouldn’t welcome a little cheating to get that princess on campus.

Joe has been beaten up, on the football team and off, and unsuccessful in his attempts to impress Julie. He has no other choice, he didn’t want to do it…

Back at home, an eerie green light shines from under the door next to Joe’s bedroom. In this room sits an incandescently lit bottle of liquid, lots of female gadgets, and a family portrait of Joe’s parents with a girl – who looks just like Joe. He puts the picture down and contemplates himself in the mirror. With intense concentration, Joe tightens his lips and endures minutes of mild contortions. Very slowly, Joe’s chest hair disappears and softer, round hips replace the firm, boyish torso. A silky voice emanates from a previously stubbled face and supple breasts begin to form. The transformation is complete.

Now as breath-taking Josephine, Joe’s supposed twin sister, she will become Julie’s best friend. Then she will coyly distract Julie’s boyfriend Doug by flirting with him. Perhaps then, will Julie be available to Joe – the girl he desperately wants. And Josephine can have her fun too – driving every boy on campus mad with her charm.

The witty highlights of this comical story climax when people become friends with both Josephine and Joe.

Comic confrontations and masterful transformations surface constantly. Frantic scenes erupt when the two are supposed to be present at parties as Joe uses lockers, bushes or closets to expertly become a girl and vice versa.

But behind all the humor, a very strong dilemma is brewing, Joe has absolute y fallen in love with Julie, and now wants to remain male.

Today it’s the football championship, tonight is the prom, and he’s got to have her now.

In a triumphant, charged game, Joe becomes the hero of his winning team and slaughters Doug’s team into oblivion. Joe’s become the hit of the high school, but more importantly, he’s Julie’s date for the dance

It’s Doug whose been defeated on both counts – expelled from the team and cast out of Julie’s life. By now Josephine and Julie are best friends and even she no longer wants to toy with the loser.

Joe is in heaven, and devilish Doug will do anything to change that. One fateful night, he is followed by an inebriated, bitter Doug to a ravine where an unsuspecting Joe becomes Josephine. This scene frightens Doug to death – and he runs home to his army-disciplined father who accuses the lying boy of being on drugs.

Prom night turns into a superb nightmare with scenes of alternating personalities even a magician would envy, with Joe and Josephine being the dates of Julie and Fred almost simultaneously. In a desperate attempt to persuade his peers of the fraud, Doug practically strips Josephine in the school parking lot – only to reveal very feminine attributes.

But soon, Joe’s dream to be male forever may just happen as his parent concoct as steamy brew at home to separate the twins forever.

Unfortunately, the effect of his parents sex-changing hormones begins to alter Joe’s appearance at the prom. While talking to Julie as Joe, gradual breasts appear as Joe self-consciously tries to hide the mummeries.

Suddenly in a cosmic blast of colored air, the twins emerge as two complete people – yes, it’s Joe and Josephine staring at each other.

The experiment is a success and the ecstatic teens return to their unsuspecting dates.

Now Joe will have Julie forever…