Kane comes from Drop Nine, a desolate little asteroid in the middle of nowhere, where life is nasty, brutish and short.  Where men are men and women are…well, men have been cloning copies of themselves for a couple of hundred years, so no one actually remembers what women even look like, except for the “Honey” AI-android companions that abound.

The cloning system is imperfect, the gene pool is deteriorating and some fresh DNA is in dire need.

Drop Nine as well as the other Drops are being harassed by “ALieNZ” (aka “shrieks”), who are so elusive no one knows what they are, and occasionally there have been abductions.

Kane’s ship falls prey to an alien encounter, and as the two spaceships viscously out-maneuver each other they collide.

The alien boards and takes Kane prisoner.

Una is an ace fighter pilot from a technologically and intellectually superior female civilization on the other side of the solar system.  A civilization of women residing on Luna, a glowing megalopolis circling the dead planet, and who consider the hordes of “retroidors” camped out on the colonies to be the polarized scum of the universe…. and they hold the keys to life, the vast DNA library.

The two have never faced each other’s species before.

Kane and Una are unique, in their individual imperfections. They’re young, ambitious, brave, and are now stuck together on Kane’s beat-up spaceship hurtling across the vast reaches of intergalactic space.

The hate, the fear, mistrust, the difference in the lingo-dialect, the personality clash, the war between emotion and rational thought, is beyond description, but like Bogart and Hepburn, in the “African Queen” they are forced to make it work. One trying to outdo the other, one taking the other prisoner, as the tables keep on flipping.

But despite their different backgrounds, Kane and Una quickly become reluctant allies in a desperate and foolhardy attempt to save what remains of humanity from certain destruction as men plan to wipe out women from the universe forever and grab the DNA.

And while they’re saving humanity, they do the one thing people on opposite sides of a millenia-old war in outer space should never do.

They fall in love.

And their efforts fail and all humanity self-destructs in a cosmic big-bang event.

Except for Kane and Una, who escape and crash land on a hazy blue planet, and behold the cycle starts again.

Romance,  adventure and the battle of the sexes with lots of attitude.

The past and future history of the human race as it’s never been told before.

Concept Drawings: Luna (female world):


The screenplay, is a movie (or a limited series) that enters this realm through an adventure-love story, between two opposites, and it is an epic journey. It’s Romeo and Juliet, it’s Adam and Eve.

The back story reveals itself sporadically – apparently, after life on the planet was destroyed, the “Split” occurred.

It’s ancient history, myths and all records are gone. The tales speak of women having “expelled” men forever after the cataclysmic destruction of the planet. War after war, had plagued civilization since the dawn of humanity and this was the final straw.

It reveals two fascinating never-explored before worlds – one all male, one all female, and they haven’t interacted for centuries. In fact they don’t even know how the other looks like.

It’s an opportunity for scientific theorizing, explorations of race and gender, culture, belief-systems, as well as humor and sophisticted satire.

This particular point-of-view of the future, could provoke a million reactions, discussion and debate, agreement and disagreement in audiences – all for a holistic goal. The more the better.

Men are racially divided, in a state of war.

Women are racially homogenized, in a state of peace.

Each has found a way to keep the species alive. Men clone sons, women give birth to daughters. 

Each has its own artificially intelligent “companions” when needed.

Two systems of social structure, government, architecture, design, fashion, arts, you name it.

Both utopian in their own way, both dystopian if you look closer.

The narrative is a gateway to a trans-media story universe that could be spun-off into series or several movies, allowing creators a framework to explore this never seen before universe, mythology and reflect on our ever changing society and world of today.

For example there could be a season detailing the back story of how the “Split” had occurred, a season about life on Luna (the female principle), a season about life on the colonies (the male principle), a season about Kane and Una multi-generational re-start of humanity at their new home, and there could even be a season about previous alien abductions that had occurred before Kane and Una’s union.

It is about cycles, and how the universe evolves, so there could be a multitude of further story-universes dealing with previous and future cycles of this ever lasting story.


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Concept Drawings: The Male Colonies